Building a micro-service for custom queries to wikidata

This vital left-over has actually become a three course menu now for which developers and users alike are asked to take a bit of time and hopefully enjoy this info. From my #wikidata engagement a “data transformer” has emerged allowing me to think about guiding a data expedition for people interesting in learning more about […]

Search and visualize wikidata with the Wikidata Topicmaps UI (“WTUI”)

For this three course menu i took notes on how to search and visualize current items in #wikidata through the Wikidata Topicmaps UI. You’ll find out how to compose personal views after querying this open data-set in your language of choice and store these views as interactive presentations you can pull of, for example, in […]

DeepaMehta 4 Plugin Development: Apps in a network

A vital left-over: I don’t see that many reasons why one who can understand basic english, has access to a PC, has access to the web and time for engaging in some trial & error could not design, install and ship a situational app right now. Here are four thoughts for conceiving new networked apps. Four thoughts on […]