Oh, Hello!

Yes, my name. The name infokitchen should be understood as an analogy from food processing (or better, kitchen-) culture to information processing/culture. Ideas and words have always been powerful in changing anyones life and that must remain so and if we don’t have anything to contribute or we simply don’t know where to start (if not wanting to tel our personal or favourite story) let’s just shut-the-fuck-up, please. Let us take more time to care about ourselves as well as let us take more time to care about our surroundings.

In my “infokitchen” i kindly ask you to take your time when trying to understand my thoughts and ideas. Sometimes just reading the posts may not be enough to understand what i mean with saying so and therefore i ask you for your sincerest understanding and to contact me in case of any question or unclarity. Provided with feedback i still feel obliged for a reply.

When acting in a somhow, let’s say “partitioned society” (regarding equalities, justice and so opportunities, like i perceive it), getting the proportions/conditions right as well as all our differences clear when we communicate with each other is often very challenging but always a must try. I always try to be precise and cherish it if others try the same since every info we accept or work with will shape everything we do in the rest of our (and probably other) precious lifetimes spent. Therefore, i don’t want to savour info-shit (e.g. hate-speech or entertainment-blah) too much but must keep fighting it, at best by trying to do better just with all the possibility i have. At best, good information exchange and good food come together. So much for your freshly enriched horizon of what to read.

The much bigger aim for me with infokitchen.net is to connect media-, culture-, literature-, design- and computer professionals who desire a bigger impact for their working time spent while at the same time reducing the amount of daily stress on their bodies and minds. Healthy minds and healthy bodies.